Halo Hotel, SaigonSaigon is dense. How dense? I was across the street from my hotel, literally across the street, and I could not find it. Had my phone out and it was telling me I was right where it was, but I still couldn’t see it. Steil had to come out and show it to me. Yes I was operating on four hours of sleep after 28 hours of no sleep, so I was cloudy, but still!

If you see the vertical sign towards the middle of the photograph above, left side of the street, saying “HALO HOTEL” you’ve found my hotel.

Storefronts are narrow, maybe 15 feet or so wide. The sidewalks are packed with motor scooters and bicycles and people selling their wares from baskets and carts. You frequently have to step into the roadway¬†as you walk down a street because there simply isn’t space¬†on the sidewalk. In fact, when there is room on the sidewalk, expect to make way for motorcyclists who have jumped the curb to avoid an obstacle in the road (especially during rush hour).

It’s a bit disconcerting to hear people honking behind you as you walk down the sidewalk wanting you to step aside so they can drive past.

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  1. Very fascinating. I can get it on the computer–big screen to show Dad. Almost like being there. all is well here. Dad doing fine.

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