Three Hours ‘Til Launch

Just about everything is ready to go. Retro RAZR is charging up because AT&T is holding our iPhones hostage (they squeeze every last penny out of their customers). Bags are packed and ready for the car. Need to run a few quick errands, pick up some snacks for the plane and then all that’s left is to wait. šŸ™

Today’s itinerary:
11:30 am leave Memorial Union for O’Hare.
6:10 pm flight to Brussels
11:05 am Friday depart Brussels
12:15 pm Friday arriveĀ Frankfurt

Friends staying at our house to feed the critters and look after things so don’t be alarmed if Ā someone different picks up the phone or answers the door!

2 thoughts on “Three Hours ‘Til Launch

  1. No iPhone in Europe? Apple hasn’t conquered the Common Market? That RAZR is stepping back in time. You actually have to open it – like a James T. Kirk communication tool.

    • The iPhone is here, it is AT&T that is the problem. They make you pay rates ten times the prevailing since they have the iPhones locked to them. šŸ™

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