We’ve Landed

We’re finally in Deutschland after a long day of travel. Our departure from O’Hare was delayed over a hour on the Tarmac while we waited for weather to pass.

Sleeping on the plane was darn near impossible. We did finally land in Brussels where we hadas much shorter wait due to the previous delay. The flight to Frankfurt wasn’t much longer than a half hour. Seems like we spent more time taxing after landing than we did in the air.

Steil picked us up at the airport. Airline lost Miles’ bag. Nothing much else. Glad to have made it here. Feeling good after showering and a good cup of coffee. Now we just need to stay up until a decent bedtime to adjust to the time difference.

2 thoughts on “We’ve Landed

    • Pretty much. After sleeping 12 hours last night we spent the day relaxing around the Steil house and then went to Mainz to see the city center and cathedral. We let the boys wander around the pedestrian zone for a few hours while the adults went to a Bengali restaurant for dinner. Now it’s 10 pm and we’re back home play cards.

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