River Food

River Vendor Making a Barbecue SandwichSo I like to try foods from the street vendors, “street food,” but haven’t had anything from a river vendor. That changed today.

John and I took a boat tour of one of Can Tho’s floating markets. We had sweet hot coffee from a floating beverage vendor. Very similar to what we had at the shop next to our hotel.

Later on during the tour we crossed paths with a woman selling sandwiches from her boat. By the way, there’s plenty of good bread, baguettes, etc. to be had in Vietnam, which I found pretty surprising.

She had some mystery meat on skewers in a bowl. I asked what it was, “barbecue” she said. Hmm. Well, the baguettes looked great so I bought a sandwich and hoped for the best. She garnished it with shredded carrots, basil, chili sauce and another vegetable I didn’t recognize.

I never did recognize the meat, but am guessing it was pork. The sandwich was delicious and cost lest than a buck (20,000 VD). It was obvious from her expression and disposition that she’d deeply gouged me and was happy about it. The kickback to our boat operator wasn’t hidden. Makes me wonder how much these people live on when a dollar has room for a kickback.

Barbecue Sandwich

The basil was a nice addition.

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