Roasted Sparrow

John’s been feeling dissatisfied with the local fare due to his vegetarian diet (basically he’s been unable to fill up on the local veggies), so we’ve been to the local KFC (potatoes) and Pizza hut yesterday and today.

Obviously, one does not travel to the other side of the planet to eat at the same restaurants you find at home, so John, feeling a bit guilty, I guess, volunteered to go to the place we’d rejected the night before. It’s an open air establishment across the street from our hotel in Can Tho.

Birds on the MenuThe menu has all sorts of exotic dishes like frogs’ legs, turtles, goat, turtle dove, pigeon and sparrows.

Roasted sparrows jumped out at me immediately. I imagined several tiny breasts on a plate. For $3.20, I had to try it.

Ten Roasted SparrowsI was wrong. Very wrong. It’s not easy to see, but there are ten roasted sparrows on that plate. Head and all. All that’s missing are the feet and feathers.

Herr Steil, technofail that he is, shot the above video in portrait mode.

Five Roasted Sparrows and Five Sparrow HeadsSo I only ate five and not the heads. John ordered steak french fries knowing there’d be a chance that he’d be served steak and french fries rather than steak fries. So I ate a good portion of the steak, too.

Not that I would have eaten all the sparrows. They’re not great. Kind of taste like crunchy liver. I’m guessing they don’t dress the birds before they roast them. No, of course they don’t. They’re tiny!


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