We drove down to Freiburg from Frankfurt yesterday. It was my first time driving without Steil sitting next to me telling me what a lousy driver I am. Very stressful!

The German’s system of roads and driving is actually very similar to the US with a few important exceptions. First, in uncontrolled intersections the driver on the right has the right of way and drivers will barrel through these intersections without so much as a glance to their left? Second, the lines demarcating lanes is always white for normal conditions and yellow for temporary lanes such as in a construction zone. It is exceedingly stressful as US drivers rely on these cues to turn into the proper lane. Here, there is usually a small round sign with a white arrow on a blue background pointing to the proper lane. So I’m starting to get used to this, but it is still stressful.

Freiburg is similar to Madison in many ways. Same size. University town.

We slept in this morning rising at 9:30. We’re sitting in a sidewalk cafe having lunch next to a huge cathedral under a large bluff. Later, we will hike up the bluff for a view of the city.

We’ve Landed

We’re finally in Deutschland after a long day of travel. Our departure from O’Hare was delayed over a hour on the Tarmac while we waited for weather to pass.

Sleeping on the plane was darn near impossible. We did finally land in Brussels where we hadas much shorter wait due to the previous delay. The flight to Frankfurt wasn’t much longer than a half hour. Seems like we spent more time taxing after landing than we did in the air.

Steil picked us up at the airport. Airline lost Miles’ bag. Nothing much else. Glad to have made it here. Feeling good after showering and a good cup of coffee. Now we just need to stay up until a decent bedtime to adjust to the time difference.

Three Hours ‘Til Launch

Just about everything is ready to go. Retro RAZR is charging up because AT&T is holding our iPhones hostage (they squeeze every last penny out of their customers). Bags are packed and ready for the car. Need to run a few quick errands, pick up some snacks for the plane and then all that’s left is to wait. šŸ™

Today’s itinerary:
11:30 am leave Memorial Union for O’Hare.
6:10 pm flight to Brussels
11:05 am Friday depart Brussels
12:15 pm Friday arriveĀ Frankfurt

Friends staying at our house to feed the critters and look after things so don’t be alarmed if Ā someone different picks up the phone or answers the door!